Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

I feel like this year is already a whirlwind, and it's not even halfway through February yet. The holidays came and went in a flash. We had a beautiful snow the night before what was supposed to be the first day of comps so comps were delayed a day. I believe I owe that one day for my passing SIX of my 7 comps. This is a huge feat I think, especially considering how no one passed them all and only one other girl passed 6. Now I have to re-write that one comp this coming Friday. The question is a little different but hopefully I can do it this time. It's on orofacial anomalies...I find out my results from the Praxis (the national exam) tomorrow...Hope I have happy news there. I am no longer dating anyone (as of two days ago), which is a good thing considering I have no plans to stay in this city after I graduate. I still need to figure out what town I want to live in though. Then I need to find a job there. Or maybe it should be the other way around--find a job to determine what town I live in. Either way I will soon need to start putting myself out there. First, I have to pass the comp this Friday, and I also need to finish my special project research paper. I'm meeting with my supervisor for that tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I'm just about finished with that. Once this week is over I feel like I'll have a lot of stress taken off my back.

My clinic placements this semester are going well but are all on-site (sad face). They had to all be on-site because I hadn't had any fluency or voice hours so the only way to guarantee I would get those type of hours would be to be on-site with supervisors that specialize in these areas. Last semester I got to be off-site for both my placements so I guess this just makes up for that. I cannot wait to be able to focus only on my clients and therapy and not on classes and projects! Only 89 days until graduation!!! Wahoo!!!

I'll keep you updated (that is if anyone even reads this) on my semester and work choices! For now I'll get back to micrognathia, atresia, and hypoplasia...

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